Do you wish to jazz up your wedding photos? Looking for easy ways to add some fun to your wedding pictures? Incorporating a few fun photo booth props to your wedding photo session can be the ideal way to make your photos more unique and memorable!

Whether you want to stand out from the crowd or someone who loves drama, using cool props can be a great way to ensure that your wedding photography turns super funky. More and more modern couples are now brightening up their wedding pictures by using fun props. What makes these props loved by all is that they can be used by one and all. From your 8 year niece to your partner’s 80-year old grandma, anyone can pose in these frames!

Below are some great ideas which you can use to let your personalities shine through the wedding photos!

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Few Fun Props You Can Incorporate To Take Up Your Wedding Photos A Notch 

  1. Instagram Frames

Whether it’s engagement photos or birthday pictures, Instagram is the go-to place for all photos on social media nowadays. And, professional wedding photographers in Noida suggest that you can now display your immense love for Instagram even on the most auspicious day of your life. Get a large frame prepared in the form of an Instagram post and write your wedding hashtag under the frame. This cool frame will be loved by all your guests!

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  1. Witty Signboards

Boards with humorous phrases are a common sight at modern Indian weddings. These signboards let the couple display their funny side. Even guests can have a good laugh while getting clicked in these backdrops. Through these boards, you can convey any message you like. To create some special memories, you and your spouse can take some pictures with fun signboards like “Save the date”, “Mr and Mrs”, etc.

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  1. Rickshaws

Professional wedding photographers in Delhi suggest couples to paint a rickshaw in a range of bright colours and decorate it with flowers. Not only will you have a beautiful prop but even a decorative installation at your venue. The groom and his bride can climb on top of the rickshaw and their BFFs can cheer on for some of the coolest photos. And, when you are done with the photo session, it can be a beautiful set up for your invitees to admire.

Wedding Photographers in Delhi

Wedding Photographers in Delhi

  1. Quirky Accessories

Make a unique statement by letting your personality shine out with a range of incredible quirky accessories. From huge sunglasses and shiny hats to colourful wraps, you can use an array of funny and quirky accessories as photo props at your wedding. Imagine your grandmother wearing a glittery hat and posing between you and your partner for a memorable picture.

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Wedding Photographers in Delhi

You can even ask experienced wedding cinematographers in Delhi to create a funny cinematic video for you while everyone poses with these fun props. Don’t you think it will be a priceless video? Time to swank up your wedding photo-shoot!